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Course Image GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Google Certification -150 Demos - Free Course Pro
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GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Google Certification -150 Demos

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You don't need to have any knowledge of Google Cloud PlatformTo create Google Cloud Account, you need a debit or credit card
Free Source Code - Codeintra

Course Description

Course Modules

  1. Compute Engine - 26 Demos

  2. Cloud Run and Cloud Functions - 5 Demos

  3. Virtual Private Cloud - 12 Demos

  4. Cloud Load Balancing - 11 Demos

  5. Google Kubernetes Engine - 28 Demos

  6. Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) - 9 Demos

  7. Data Solutions - 27 Demos

  8. Cloud Monitoring - 7 Demos

  9. Cloud Logging - 6 Demos

Compute Engine: 26 Practical Demos

Compute Engine: VM Instances Demo List

  1. VM Instance Basics

  2. Startup Scripts

  3. Cloud Shell & gcloud CLI

  4. Instance Templates

  5. Machine Images

  6. Spot VMs

  7. Attach GPU to a VM

  8. Sole-tenant Nodes

  9. Ops Agent

Compute Engine: Persistent Disk Demo List

  1. Cloud KMS

  2. Attach Non-boot disk

  3. Resize Disks

  4. Regional Persistent Disks

  5. Hyper Disks

  6. Hyper Disk Storage Pools

  7. Disk Images

  8. Disk Snapshots

  9. Local SSDs

Compute Engine: Instance Groups

  1. Unmanaged Instance Groups

  2. Managed Instance Groups - Stateless

  3. Managed Instance Groups - Stateful

Compute Engine: SSH Keys

  1. Default SSH Keys

  2. Project-level Metadata

  3. Instance-level Metadata

  4. SSH OS Login

  5. SSH OS Login - Thir-party Tools

Google Kubernetes Engine - 28 Practical Demos

GKE Kubernetes Pods

  1. Kubernetes Pods - Imperative

  2. Kubernetes Pods - Declarative

GKE Kubernetes Deployments

  1. Kubernetes Deployment - Imperative

  2. Kubernetes Deployment - Declarative

  3. Kubernetes Deployment - Update

  4. Kubernetes Deployment - Rollback

GKE Kubernetes Other Workload Resources

  1. Kubernetes ReplicaSets

  2. Kubernetes StatefulSets

  3. Kubernetes DaemonSets

  4. Kubernetes NodePort Service

  5. Kubernetes ClusterIP Service

  6. Kubernetes Headless Service

  7. Kubernetes Ingress Service

GKE Kubernetes Jobs

  1. Kubernetes Job Basics

  2. Kubernetes Job Back-off limits

  3. Kubernetes Job Completions

  4. Kubernetes Job Parallelism

  5. Kubernetes Job Active Deadline Seconds

  6. Kubernetes Cron Jobs

GKE Cluster Management

  1. Node Pools and Node Selectors

GKE Cluster Types

  1. GKE Regional Standard Cluster

  2. GKE Auto-pilot Cluster

  3. GKE Private Cluster

GKE Autoscaling

  1. GKE Cluster Autoscaler

  2. GKE Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

  3. GKE Vertical Pod Autoscaling

GKE Kubernetes Storage

  1. GKE Storage with Compute Engine Persistent Disks

GKE Container Registry

  1. Google Artifact Registry

Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) - 9 Practical Demos

  1. IAM Roles

  2. IAM Roles - gcloud CLI

  3. IAM Policy

  4. IAM Conditions

  5. IAM Service Account

  6. IAM Service Account - gcloud CLI

  7. IAM Service Account - Impersonation

  8. IAM Service Account Keys - Long-lived Credentials

  9. IAM Service Account - Short-lived Credentials

Virtual Private Cloud - 12 Practical Demos

  1. VPC Types (Auto and Custom)

  2. Static IP Addresses (External and Internal)

  3. Cloud NAT and Cloud Router

  4. VPC Private Google Access

  5. Cloud Domains

  6. Cloud DNS

  7. Firewall Ingress Rules

  8. Firewall Ingress Rule with Target Tags

  9. Firewall Ingress Rule with Service Accounts

  10. Firewall Ingress Rule with Destination Filters

  11. Firewall Egress Deny Rule

  12. Firewall Policies

Cloud Load Balancing - 11 Practical Demos

  1. Regional Managed Instance Groups

  2. Global HTTP Load Balancer

  3. Global HTTPS Load Balancer (Self-signed SSL)

  4. Global HTTPS Load Balancer (Google-managed SSL)

  5. Global TCP Proxy Load Balancer

  6. Global SSL Proxy Load Balancer

  7. Zonal Managed Instance Groups

  8. Regional HTTP Load Balancer

  9. Regional HTTP Internal Load Balancer

  10. Regional TCP Proxy Load Balancer

  11. Regional TCP Pass-through Load Balancer

Cloud Run and Cloud Functions - 5 Practical Demos

  1. Cloud Run Services

  2. Cloud Run Jobs

  3. Cloud Functions - HTTP

  4. Cloud Functions - Events with Cloud Pub/Sub

  5. Cloud Functions - Events with Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Data Solutions - 12 Services, 27 Practical Demos

  1. Cloud SQL

  2. Cloud Spanner

  3. Cloud Dataflow

  4. Cloud AlloyDB

  5. Cloud Firestore

  6. Cloud Datastore

  7. Cloud Bigtable

  8. Cloud Dataproc

  9. Cloud Pub/Sub

  10. Cloud Pub/Sub Lite

  11. Cloud Storage

  12. Cloud Big Query

Cloud Monitoring - 7 Practical Demos

  1. Uptime Checks

  2. Alert Policies and Notification Channels

  3. Monitoring Groups

  4. Synthetic Monitor - Custom Scripts

  5. Synthetic Monitor - Mocha Template

  6. Synthetic Monitor - Broken-link Checker

  7. Custom Dashboards

Cloud Logging - 6 Practical Demos

  1. Log Explorer

  2. Application Integration

  3. Log-based Metrics and Alerts

  4. Log-based Alert Policy

  5. Log Storage and Log Router Sinks

  6. Log Analysis and BigQuery Linked Datasets

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What you'll learn

You will implement Google Compute Engine (VM Instances, Persistent Disks, SSH Keys, Managed Instance Groups) with 26 practical demosYou will implement Google Kubernetes Engine with 28 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Run and Cloud Functions with 5 practical demosYou will implement Google Virtual Private Cloud with 12 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Load Balancing with 11 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) with 9 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Monitoring with 7 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Logging with 6 practical demosYou will implement Google Cloud Data solutions with 27 practical demos covering 12 servicesCloud Data Solutions: Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Dataflow, AlloyDB, Firestore, Datastore, Bigtable, Dataproc, Pub/Sub, Pub/Sub Lite, Cloud Storage, Big Query

Who this course is for

This course is designed for students who are planning to start their Google Cloud JourneyStudents are who planning to become Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

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