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Fundamentals of Operating Systems

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Operating systems orchestrate many processes, allow access to memory, disk and network and execute the process by scheduling them to the CPU. Sounds simple when we put it this way but this task is vast. So vast indeed that writing programs that are efficient really depends on how much understanding the engineer has in operating systems.

I have been fascinated by revealing and demystifying anything that is hidden from me, mainly because by treating black boxes as black boxes that takes input and produces output, I feel that I am at the mercy of this black box. Databases were a black box for me a decade ago, I was at completely lost when a query that I wrote was originally running fast but after few month it had gone slow. The reason is I didn't really have any understanding of database systems and how their internals work.

The same thing is true for operation systems, we run our program which turns into a process that uses bit of memory and access disk and network but we really don't know how this is done and as a result we as engineers are bound to write inefficient code.

I built this course to demystify what I believe are the fundamentals operating systems to software engineers. Like all my courses, I recommend the student having some programming experience to take this course, it just makes the course relatable. I will be using multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac in this course.

I hope you enjoy it.

What you'll learn

Learn how operating systems workUnderstand how applications run within the OSWrite efficient applications leveraging the understanding OS worksUnderstand the cost of system callsUnderstand how CPU executes processesThe role of the kernelCPU Architecture and CachesVirtual MemorySocket ProgrammingStorage and File system management

Who this course is for

Software Engineers who want truly understand the OS

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