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Course Image The Ultimate 2023 Google Chrome Extension Development Course - Free Course Pro
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The Ultimate 2023 Google Chrome Extension Development Course

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Bare basics of JavaScript and HTML
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Hi guys, hope you’re doing well! I’m Dhruv and in this chrome extension development and firefox plugin development course, I’ll cover everything you’ll need to be ready to create or work upon the latest versions of chrome extensions and firefox plugins and the old. Most of the material you’ll find has been outdated due to google’s radical change from Chrome Manifest V2 to V3, including Chrome API, structure and functionality changes, but don't worry as I said I'll teach you everything you’ll need to be ready to create or work upon the latest versions of chrome extensions and the old. I have taught about this topic in various seminars and workshops. I’ll cover the topics in 4 levels of expertise and I promise by the end of it, you’ll have everything you need to start working on your own project on firefox plugins or chrome extensions.

One of the primary benefits of extension development is the low barrier to entry. Unlike other types of software development, which often require significant resources and expertise, extension development is relatively simple and can be done by anyone with a basic understanding of web technologies. This means that it is possible to get started as an extension developer with minimal upfront investment. If you know the basics of JavaScript and HTML, you’re good to go here.

Even though it is simple, chrome extension development is highly profitable and I personally have 3 extensions on the web store which make significant revenue. And a simple search on job portals will tell you how in-demand these job profiles are.

What you'll learn

Learn all important concepts for chrome and firefox extensions.All topics will be covered with the help of 4 projects and theoryWe will work with the latest version of chrome (Manifest V3) and help you migrate older projects (Manifest V2) tooUnderstand how extensions work, their components and structureUnderstand service workersChrome APIsReading, modifying and injecting scripts and components of web pagesCaching and storing dataDownload data and items from websitesEvents and listenersPlaying with DOM of webpages

Who this course is for

Anybody who wants to work upon extensions

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