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Modern Web Animations

Author: Ali Alaa

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Some basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript Knowledge is required.
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Welcome to Modern Web Animations, a deep dive into modern animation techniques with no libraries, only browser APIs.

CSS Animations & Transitions have been around for a long time now. But recently new APIs were introduced to modern browsers to further improve animating on the web and give developers more control.

Among these new additions is the Web Animations API (WAAPI). The Web Animations API unlocks the power of the browser's animation engine for developers. It allows us to construct animations and control their playback with JavaScript. It is one of the most performant ways to animate on the Web.

In addition to that, new features were added to CSS Animations that allow us to control animations as users scroll. By adding new properties likeanimation-timeline,scroll-timeline and view-timeline, we can now have animations that are not based on time but based on scrolling progress or based on the visibility of a certain element in the viewport. This opens the door to creating impressive scroll driven animations without having to load any external libraries.

Another recent addition to modern browsers is the introduction of the View Transitions API. This API allows us to easily create animated transitions between different DOM states. It can be especially useful in Single Page Applications (SPAs) when we need to have an animation when navigating between different routes. Before the View Transitions API these kinds of animations were extremely complicated to achieve.

In this course we are going to cover all of these topics in great detail. And not only that, but we are also going to have a section on old CSS Animations & Transitions and discuss every aspect of them in depth. We are also going to have practical examples and exercises for every topic discussed.

So join now if you want to bring your websites to life!

What you'll learn

Learn about CSS Animations & Transitions.Learn about the new JavaScript Web Animations API.Discover scroll driven animations in details.Create impressive page transitions with the View Transitions API.

Who this course is for

Web developers looking to learn everything about animating in the browser.Web developers looking to learn about new animation APIs like the Web Animations API, scroll driven animations & the View Transitions API.

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